In The Bag

I lost my blue Opto Gladiator while filming my 2017 In The Bag video, but that's ok. The Opto Gladiator
The Compass Moonshine is the big brother of my Compass Opto. Much more stability in the wind.
This is the magic disc, my genius disc.
I carry a few Felon's. My beat-up Felon is a go to for wooded shots. It holds straight with a
I carry an army of Enforcers, all Fuzion plastic. My newest Enforcer delivers a good hyzer in wide open shots.
This is my long bomber. The World has a long glide that is great for wide open shots when I
I throw this backhand and sidearm in open shot positions, It's my favorite distance driver.
I have three hard daggers, used for draining putts.
My Opto Compass is on point for hyzers and flip shots.. not good in wind (which is why I also
This is the newest addition to my bag. It compliments the Compass with a little more stability.
I use this for under 400' tunnel shots and hyzer flips
I carry two of these. One for hyzers on windy days. The other is beat up and great for flex
Great fairway driver.. holds straight, throw hard w/o turning over
My green Stilleto is predictable for left control hyzers. My white Stilleto is the oldest disc in my bag. It
Great for distance rollers. Holds straight.
I used the Gold line Havoc for quick flip rollers. It lands quick and gives me the immediate right turn